When Rolex Meets B&R

  Features Time Date Weather Chrono Watch/Phone Battery Next event Steps Second Time Zone´╗┐ Download

Tribute to Bell & Ross Aviation v1.1

Features Tap center to change mode Time Date Weather Chrono Watch/Phone Battery NEW in V1.1 Change the word “WEATHER” by your Location Add a next event screen Add second Time Zone screen´╗┐ Download

BadApps Modernity v1.9 !

Features Animated Watch Face with Customizable Name! More than 70 watch faces in one ! – Tap on the top of the face to switch between Analog/Digital Mode – In Analog modeTap on the battery to switch between Phone/Watch Battery – In Digital mode use the arrow to access previous/next screen – Tap on the […]

BadApps Jaws

Features Animated Shark Time Date Download

BadApps Magic 8 Ball

Because sometimes you need an advice and you’re all alone ! Google removed this face from the Play Store because I used the “Magic 8 Ball” name so here’s the new link Just ask a question and move your wrist to have the answer ! You can select between 3 formats by tapping in the […]

Tribute to Mad Max Fury Road...

Features Time Download

BadApps Casino Wheel

Features Time Casino Wheel ! Tap on the center of the face Download

BadApps News

Features Animated Watch Face with Page Curl and Customizable Title Tap on the center of the watch to switch between screen. Tap on the title to enter your OWN TITLE . Main Screen – Date – Time – Actual Temperature, Min/Max Temp., Weather Conditions – Watch/Phone Battery levels Weather Screen – Time – Location – […]

BadApps B&A Full...

Animated Watch Face ! With BadApps B&A Full Watch Face you can choose between 8 different flavor : – Dark Grey – Orange – Red – Blue – Pink – Green – Kaki – Black – Tap on the logo in order to make the menu appear. – Tap on the weather icon to show […]

BadApps B&A

Features Time Day 4 colours ! Download

BadApps Linear Light

Features Weather Condition Date Battery Levels (Watch/Phone) Time Change Color : Tap on the bottom of the screen Change Date format : Tap on the date Change Time Format : Tap on … Yes Time Refresh Weather : Tap on Weather Icon Download

BadApps TV

Features Time Movie (sort of !) Weather Surprise TV Guide (Calendar) Download

Chasing The Sun

Features Hours/Minutes Animated Download


Features Hours/Minutes Weather Animated Download


Features Hours/Minutes Animated BOB Download


Features Hours/Minutes AM/PM Date Weather Temperature Weather Icon Animated Background Download


Features Hours/Minutes Seconds Weather Temperature Weather Icon Watch/Phone Battery Level Date Animated Background Download

Mario & Luigi playing Pong...

Features Hours/Minutes Animated Pong Download

Saint Valentin

Features Hours/Minutes Day Diamonds in the top heart moves when you move your wrist Download

Camo & SnowCamo

Features Move your wrist to read the time ! Hours/Minutes Download